Pan Haskins, CPA, MS (Taxation)
              - Tax consultation and tax preparation services for
              estates, trusts and individuals.

6778 Paso Robles Drive
Oakland CA 94611
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I do tax consultations primarily regarding estate and trusts and for individuals with complex tax situations. I have devoted a considerable amount of my education and practice to discerning the best income and estate tax planning techniques for unmarried individuals and couples, including registered domestic partners, important even in this age of marriage equality.

In 1988, I received a master of science in taxation; my emphasis was in estate and trust taxation. This is an area in which I have a deep interest and at which I am quite skilled. I work with clients (and their families, when appropriate) in developing estate plans and with executors and trustees who are administering estates and trusts. I work closely with a variety of attorneys in different areas of estate and trust taxation, and other specialists you might need, and can make referrals to them as needed.

I primarily work from my home office in the Montclair section of Oakland.


I believe that helping clients understand the underlying principles in her/his tax situation empowers the client, helping the client make informed decisions, as well as helping me do my job more effectively. I work to bring a gentleness and patience to a process that can be very intimidating and overwhelming, particularly when dealing with the estates of loved ones. I believe that my paid work, as well as my volunteer work, reflects my values and that each contributes to the process of social change.

M.S. (Masters of Science), Taxation, Golden Gate University, 1988

C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant), State of California